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At your first consultation with a Patient Advisor, you will be walked through your patient journey with Enhance Cosmetic Surgery and some discussion will follow about every aspect of surgery, we also want to find out what your expectations for the surgery outcome are.  
If you are suitable for surgery, you will be told about the operation, the expected outcome and possible risks and complications. A detailed medical questionnaire will also be completed at this time. 


At your pre-operative consultation with your surgeon, they will assess you for your chosen surgical procedure & take a medical photograph of this area to accompany your medical notes. For patients considering Breast Enlargement Surgery your surgeon will be able to give you an idea of what implant is appropriate for you but they will not be able to guarantee your cup size.  
It is unfortunately not possible to just pick a cup size and ask your surgeon to supply that. We do, however, advise patients to bring in photographs of desired breasts to their consultations so they can better articulate the look they are going for. 


Bring along your Questions for the Surgeon, ideally a note pad and write down any and all questions that you have in the days leading up to your consultation, we can then ensure your questions are answered & so you’re fully informed about every aspect of surgery 
Breast Enlargement patients should take a tight sports bra for trying on implants/sizes should you be wanting Breast Surgery as this will help get a feel of the size you want to achieve 
Ask about different types of implant and figure out which is best for you 
Overs, under or partial - understand the difference and decide which is right for your body type. 
Remember size of implant does not determine cup size- everyone starts off a different cup size. Discuss with your surgeon exactly what you want and they will know what you need. 
Ask about and be aware of the possibility of rippling after your implants have settled if you have too bigger implant or don’t have a lot of natural breast tissue to cover the implant 
You must be in a healthy BMI range to have your Cosmetic Surgery procedure. 
Discuss finance plans if not paying in full – your Patient Advisor can advise you. Enhance Cosmetic Surgery can offer financial packages to suit your needs. 
If trying to choose between two suggested sizes – many girls would advise going with the biggest. Keep this in mind. 
Make sure Enhance Cosmetic Surgery emails don’t go in your spam as these might contain late space discounts 
You must be in a healthy BMI range to have your procedure to have your Cosmetic Surgery procedure. 
Bring 2 forms of ID and don't forget your NHS Number! 
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