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If you find that despite losing weight with various diets, you are not able maintain this & to keep it off, you are not alone. You are one of many patients that find themselves in a never-ending cycle of yo-yo dieting to remain at a certain weight. 

The Process 

1. The balloon is swallowed under fluoroscopy (x-ray). 
2. The balloon is then filled with 550ml of liquid and remains in the stomach for 4 months. 
3. At the end of this period the balloon spontaneously opens, empties, and is excreted. 
The gastric balloon is a weight loss solution that fills the gap between dieting and surgery. 
Understandably, you may not want to have an invasive weight loss surgery and a gastric balloon programme is a safe, discreet and effective solution. It will give you the tool you need to start your weight loss but unlike dieting will support you throughout the journey and help to change your relationship with food for lasting success. 
The soft expandable shell of the balloon is swallowed in a pill form then a quick x-ray to ensure its in the optimum position and, when filled with sterile water, takes up space in your stomach. It is a temporary procedure that will last around 6 months. 
Whether you are eligible for a gastric balloon procedure will depend on a number of factors including your age, weight and medical history. As a general rule, however, you are likely to be eligible if... 
Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 27kg/m2 or over 
You are not eligible for surgery or have decided that you don't want weight loss surgery 
You are looking to lose 2-3 stone over the next 6 months 
If you answered YES to all these statements, your next step is to book a free consultation so that we can confirm your eligibility for the procedure and answer all your questions. 
Our support package is designed to help you achieve excellent weight loss results with the lasting success that most diets have failed to deliver. 
Elipse Pill Balloon - the most innovative balloon procedures performed with proven results 
All Inclusive Package - the procedure cost will depend on your choice of location 
Finance Options - borrow up to the full cost of your procedure (less a deposit) and spread the cost over 1-5 years with affordable finance. Interest free option also available 
The Elipse Pill Gastric Balloon – The latest advancement in Gastric Balloon Treatments. 
Expert Aftercare will determine your success. As weight loss specialists, our team is experienced and highly skilled. Our focus is to help you achieve your short-term weight loss goal but also to work with you to secure a healthier future. 


We understand that weight loss isn’t easy, especially on your own. When you’ve tried dieting and exercise and it’s just not enough, bariatric surgery with Enhance Cosmetic Surgery could be the start of your journey to a new you. 
Gastric band surgery, also known as a ‘lap band’, may be suitable if you have a BMI over 30. It’s a way of assisting weight loss by stimulating nerve endings at the top of your stomach so that you’re satisfied with smaller portions and therefore eat less. It’s a keyhole procedure, and less invasive than a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. 
At Enhance Cosmetic Surgery, our Surgeons have helped many patients lose as much as 10 stone or more through gastric banding. And weight loss surgery can enable you to live a more active life with significant health benefits. 
With Enhance you too can achieve this. 

The Process 

1. Your surgeon will make one to five small surgical cuts in your abdomen through which they will place the camera and instruments needed to perform the surgery. 
2. Your surgeon will place the gastric band around the upper part of your stomach to create a small pouch with a narrow opening into the larger, lower part of your stomach 
3. Gastric banding surgery takes about one hour and requires a one-night stay in hospital. 
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